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Stavanger, Norway

The above link takes you to a Goggle earth view of a few of these sights. The pictures were taken by me from 2002-2005.

Stavanger is very rich in sites for the amateur archaeologist. I had the privilege of living there for 3.5 years and spent many long summer days tracking down some of the sites. Some are easy to find and some are quite hard.

This area of Norway was colonized very soon after the end of the last ice age. There are a few 10000 BC neolithic sites, but there are far more numerous bronze and iron ages sites. There also some significant medieval sites worth visiting.

Note: Nowegian has three extra letters - Æ æ pronounced like a in at - Å å pronounced like oh but with a more rounded lower lip and a lower tone - Ø ø similar to the French y (form you mouth for O but vocalize an E) but it is lower in tone and more open. These letters are sometimes represented in roman letters as ae, aa, and oe respectively.