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Balance the budget

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So much discussion of taxes and expenditures by the federal government hinges around what amount to religious beliefs. For example, "I believe taxes are too high." This is not a rational statement. Is is a declaration of the speakers beliefs. Beliefs are not testable or falsifiable. This is not the best approach to running a government in my opinion.

Here is an alternate proposal:

1. Add up all of the services and expenditures the government should supply. Itemize how much each one should cost. This is the total cost of running the government.
2. Subtract fees collected for services from the above amount.
3. Now add up the income all individuals and corporate entities in the US. Calculate the tax rate required to meet the remaining costs of running the government from 2 above. See previous post about a straight tax formula

This task would not be easy. However, it makes more sense than the comments from the right about feeling like they pay to much tax. It makes more sense than the comments from the left about a balanced approach by raising taxes along with spending.

Our current system encourages spending but does nothing to pay for the spending. We need to take a different approach.