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Common sense gun control?

I am a liberal, but I do not advocate for additional gun control. I also used to share the liberal belief that controlling guns is a good idea. This belief was turned around when I saw a news program in the UK where a gang member was able to buy a hand gun within 5 minutes of being asked if it were possible. Hand guns are illegal for civilian ownership in the UK (since 1997). It really is true, "when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns."

Balance the budget

So much discussion of taxes and expenditures by the federal government hinges around what amount to religious beliefs. For example, "I believe taxes are too high." This is not a rational statement. Is is a declaration of the speakers beliefs. Beliefs are not testable or falsifiable. This is not the best approach to running a government in my opinion.

Here is an alternate proposal:

Straight Tax not Flat Tax

I believe the best tax system would be a linear formula instead of a flat tax. This would address the issue of taxing poor people too much in a much simpler way than the curren "progressive" tax rate system.

Here is how it works: Subtract a poverty level ammount from your income (e.g. p=$30,000). Pay a lat tax on the remainder if positive (e.g. r=20%). There are NO exemptions. Every individual and corporation pays the same tax.

Mathematically the tax you pay is simply tax=r(income-p) Which is the formula for a straight line. Hence the name, straight tax.

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